Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ancient Age

Epidemic around 3000 BC 500 BC immigrants until now Mongol (mainland China) began living in the archipelago.

Around 200 BC the kingdom of Kalinga epidemic of India losing the war opponents kingdom of Ashoka, a descendant of the migration-ming Child Archipelago so Added nang kingdoms of the earth kingdom Salaknegara between Nusantara, the kingdom of Maharaja Kudungga sing lead, Kutai kingdom, the kingdom of Kalinga lyy.

Indian Prince Aji Saka is one immigrant that one know with language Sanskrit alphabet Palawa, that epidemic around 78 AD Sanskrit writing system Dewanagari uga know base, so that make embryo base.

make population of the archipelago is the assimilation of immigrants until now two regions (China with India).

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