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Agnes monica american music awards

 Watch videos & listen free to Agnes Monica: Rindu, Teruskanlah & more, plus 119 pictures. Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto; 1 July 1986)

Born July 1, 1986 in Indonesia, Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto) was a pop singer who was equally well known and popular as an actress.

Agnes Monica Muljoto not only most famous artist in indonesia but also in international. The women who was born on July, have some trouble in the airport. The Indonesia’s national artists, yesterday got a problem with luggage bags that she brought from Singapore. She wrote that news through social media twitter.

As The former little artist, wrote “In Indonesia airport, luggage locks opened by force. where is the accountability huh?”. This problem is likely due to airport officials, the unlocked suitcase that Agnes owned it, by destroying that case. Not only that, Agnes also upload photos when her suitcase, opened by force. Because the keys were in the bag suitcase was undermined not on lock TSA (Transportation Security Agency), women who received many awards, adding in his twitter status like this. ”There were three suitcases, with a broken key. Oh my gosh.
Nowadays, mentally if still like this, how can move forward? “And continued with agnes thinking about checking luggage at the airport by writing” If opened by official personnel, they will open the TSA, not tampered with by force, no matter the money or missing items but mental problems.

How Indonesia airport could be like this?” Agnes even mention the name of the airline is concerned with the problem that in her status, “Singapore Airlines, been for a long time this has happened. Where is your sense of responsibility?? How could the incident continues huh?” additional with “And it is not correctly if we allow this kind of behavior Indonesia’s State of the State of Law.

Certainly the status produces a wide range of responses from fans of Agnes there some people which gives support, some say ever experienced the same thing and some also hoping that the problem can be resolved immediately. The incident was apparently not the first, because Agnes also wrote “And sorry if this incident finally” forced “me to write in the public media, because it is often the scene and taken lightly. Maybe It’s time to make a change.

Agnes actually been told the reason his case should be opened by Angkasa Pura II corporate secretary, Trisno Heryadi. But the reason it only made Agnes angry. The reason for the opening of the case, is due to an intensive examination of the goods that carried by passengers, taken by the airline has become the general rule.

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Beauty Of Indonesian Women

pictures of some beautiful indonesian girls and to show my readers how some Indonesian girls look like. Not all of them, just some that I find representative of the Indonesian Beautiful Girls Photos. A rare collection of Indonesian beautiful girl.


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Improving English Vocabulary through Topic-Based Learning at the Fifth Grade Students of SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang

Nama                               : Sumiyati
NPM                               :
Jurusan/Program Studi    : Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Judul Skripsi                   : Improving English Vocabulary through Topic-Based Learning at the Fifth Grade Students of SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang.


Key words: English Vocabulary, Topic-Based Learning.

Teaching English in elementary school is not easy as teaching English in secondary school. The way of presenting the material must be fun and interesting in order that the students interest and enjoy learning. In teaching English vocabulary to achieve the objective the study, the students need some special strategy that can make to motivate and improve their English vocabulary without ignoring the essential purpose of the study. Then, the researcher is interested in presenting Topic-Based Learning strategy at the fifth grade students of SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang, as bases of this study. The use of Topic-Based as strategy in teaching English is to improve English vocabulary in the class B of the fifth grade students of SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang, because they get difficulties in remembering the meaning of the vocabulary. The research problem of this study is “How can the Topic-Based Learning improve English vocabulary of the fifth grade students at SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang?”.
This study is classroom action research, it was held at the fifth grade students of SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang. In conducting this clasroom action research was used in the cycle, this cycle consist of four phases, that are: planning, acting, observing and reflecting. The subject is class B of the fifth grade students at SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang. There are 30 students. To record the teaching learning process, the researcher used the observation sheet, field notes, interview and the test to find the students’ achievement.
The result of study was teaching English by using topic-based as strategy has positive result. This activity make the students are interesting and the situation in the class is alive and enjoyment. It proved that topic-based can improve English vocabulary and they felt enjoy and more active in the class because they are interested to join the subject, especially in memorize vocabulary. The result of test is high, 83% who successes from the minimum mastery learning standard at SDN 01 Brongkal Pagelaran Malang. Then, the average score after the implementation of topic-based learning strategy was 74.2. By good lesson plan, the teaching and learning process run well. Therefore, their involvement increases when they studied by using topic-based. The students also felt enjoy and more active during learning process when they learned in the classroom during through topic-based.
Finally, for other English teachers, using Topic based learning is a great way for children to learn because it is easy for students to memorize vocabulary and attract their interest using Topic based learning. Unlike more traditional methods of teaching topic based learning makes the whole process more active and also interesting. Therefore, the students are relax and never bored in the class during teaching and learning process although they should memorize vocabulary harder than before.

Malang, 10 Augustus 2010


Improving Speaking Skill by Using Group Investigation Technique at the Grade Eight Students of SMP Wahid Hasyim Malang

Sirajudin.2010. Improving Speaking Skill by Using Group Investigation Technique at the Grade Eight Students of SMP Wahid Hasyim Malang. Skripsi, English Department Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Islamic University of Malang. Advisor I: Drs. Yahya Alaidrus, M.Pd. Advisor II: Drs. Marzuki, M.Pd.
Key Words: Technique, Teaching, Speaking, Group Investigation.
            The students at the grade eight students of SMP Wahid Hasyim Malang faced some problems of speaking, especially the grade eight B. Based on the researcher’s experience as a teacher when practice teaching and the results of preliminary study, it was revealed that the students were not confident to speak English, because they were shy to speak English due to the lack vocabulary and fluency, they hesitated to speak English because they thought that their English was not good enough.
            The objective of the study was to implement using group investigation technique to improve the student’s speaking skill. In conducting the research, there were two components expected to be improved, they were improving the students’ speaking score and increasing the quality of classroom atmosphere of teaching speaking. The implementation of group investigation expected improve students’ speaking score. They were accent, fluency, grammatical accuracy, vocabulary, and relevance of content or ideas. The implementation of the research also focused on the classroom. The classroom atmosphere concerned on two components. They were students participation and students’ performance.   
            This study employed the collaborative classroom action research and it was done in two cycles. Each cycle consisted of four stage: (1) planning, (2) action, (3) observation, and (4) reflection. There were four meetings in cycle I; three meetings for the implementation of group investigation in the teaching of speaking and one meeting for conducting speaking test. In Cycle II there were three meetings; two meeting for the implementation of group investigation and one meeting for conducting speaking test. The instrument used to collect the data were: (1) observation checklist, (2) field-note, (3) score sheet, and (4) questionnaire.
            The result of the research showed that the criteria of success had been reached. There were two aspects determined as the success criteria of the implementation of group investigation in the teaching speaking; score improvement and classroom atmosphere. The result of speaking test presented that the students had made some progress. In the first cycle, the average score was 69,27. It meant that the research was still unsuccessful because the score was still under 70 which was used as the criteria of successful. Then, the second cycle was conducted and the average score was 78,71. It meant that the research was successful so the research stopped. The classroom atmosphere were also increasing positively; the students were actively involved in the teaching and learning. Process. The students were also highly motivated in joining the teaching learning process. They cooperated, asked, responded, and shared idea in their group.
            The procedures of group investigation are: Firstly, the teacher presents a multi-faceted problem to the class, and the students choose an interest group. Secondly, groups plan their investigation the procedures, tasks and goals consistent with the chosen subtopic. Thirdly, groups carry out the investigation as planned in the step. Fourthly, group plan their presentation. Fifthly, groups conducted the presentation, and the last the teacher and the students evaluate the investigation and resulting presentations.    
            Finally the researcher suggests that improving speaking skill by using group investigation can stimulate the students to be more active in speaking skill and the result of this study is expected to give contribution for further research. Moreover, the researcher found that the activity was successful since the activity in classroom during the research was running well, enjoyable, full and optimistic for the students.

Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Think, Pair, and Share Strategy at The Second Grade of MA Al Maarif Singosari Malang

Bukhari, Imam. Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Think, Pair, and Share Strategy at The Second Grade of MA Al Maarif Singosari Malang. Skripsi. English Educational Departement, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Islamic Universtiy of Malang. Advisor I : Dra. Hj. Mutmainnah, M.Pd, advisor II: Hamiddin, S.Pd.

Key Word: Reading, TPS (Think, Pair, and Share) strategy

“English”, this word is not strange in everyone in the world. Especially in Indonesia which is called developing country. Indonesia uses English not only as a means of communication, but also in every sector and level.  Nowadays, English is taught in every educational level, including senior high school. Language education should develop language competence with special emphasis on reading and writing according to the literacy level set up for every level of education (Government regulation 2005:19) the problem in this study was: how does TPS strategy improve the reading comprehension of students of second grade at MA Al Maarif Singosari Malang?
      The goal of the study was to improve the reading comprehension of senior high school students by using TPS strategy. By using this strategy the researcher hopes that the result of students’ achievement will be better than before. This study is a Classroom Action Research (CAR). The goal of the study is to improve the reading comprehension of MA Al Maarif Singosari students of the XI grade by using TPS strategy. The research was conducted in a cyclic process starting from, action planning, implementation, observation, and reflection. The data analysis used quantitative data and qualitative data. The quantitative data were obtained from the test and questionnaire; the qualitative data was obtained from observation of the teaching and learning process, the students’ answers, and the researcher field-notes.
After implementing cycle, the criterion of success has been fulfilled. It means that the students’ reading achievement is increased. It is related to the student active participation, student interest, student enjoyment during English learning using this strategy. It also reveals that the student achievement in the second test with the mean score 75.85 is better than the mean score in the first test 68. The questionnaire also shows that the students are interested in learning English after using TPS strategy the students’ active involvement also increases.
After using TPS strategy with think pair and share activities the reading ability of the students in the XI grade at MA Al Maarif Singosari Malang developed. Asking and answering questions in discussion from the reading text make the students enrich their vocabulary. Beside that the students talk active by show their idea based on their sharing. Students enjoy learning English by using TPS strategy. The class becomes alive and cooperative because all of the students participated in these activities. The using of TPS strategy makes the situation of learning English in the class better than before.
Based on these result, it is suggested that the teacher be creative in the teaching and learning process. Teaching English using TPS strategy can improve the resding comprehension of students. The researcher hopes that this strategy will be useful for the teaching and learning process, especially the teaching of reading.

The influence of formal and content schemata on reading comprehension of the second year students of English department at UNISMA

Widiastutik, Eni Susanti. 2010. The influence of formal and content schemata on reading comprehension of the second year students of English department at UNISMA. Skripsi, English Education Department Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Islamic University of Malang. Advisor I:  Drs. Alfan Zuhairi, M.Pd., Advisor II: Athok Yusuf Kurniawan, S.Pd
Key words: Formal schemata, Content schemata, Reading comprehension
            Reading comprehension means reading and understanding, process interaction between the reader and the text itself to construct meaning and enhance their understanding where various kinds of knowledge are being used: linguistic knowledge, rhetorical structure (formal schemata) and the familiarity of the topic (content schemata). The basic principle behind schemata theory is that a text does not carry meaning. More information is contributed by the reader than by the text it self because the reader bring information, knowledge and emotion that is schemata.      This study attempts to explore the influence of formal schemata and content schemata on reading comprehension. The researcher formulated the hypothesis as follow: Formal and content schemata correlate significantly with reading comprehension on the second year student of english department at UNISMA. This study was conducted at the second year students of english department at UNISMA as the population and two classes turned out be selected as the sample with total number of 45 students.
            In order to answer the research problem, the researcher used the correlation design and the types of this correlation research is multiple correlation and F-testing hypothesis. There are three variables incestigated in this study, namely: formal schemata and content schemata as indepentdent variables, and reading comprehension as depentdent variable. Three kinds of instrument administered to the students were content schemata test, text mapping as formal schemata test, and reading comprehension test.
            The result of computation showed that the coefficient of multiple correlation among formal schemata, content schemata and reading comprehension (R) is 0, 707 and the computing of the value of F (22, 72) is higher than critical value of F (3, 22) at 0, 05 level of significant. While the contribution of formal schemata and content schemata to reading comprehension is 50%. It means that the alternative hypothesis is accepted. Therefore, it can be conluded that there is high significant correlation.
            The result of this study showed that the student who have high score in formal and content schemata also have high score in reading comprehension. Based upon the finding, the suggestion is offered to the english teachers. The suggestion primarily dealt with the provision of suitable reading material that is needed to optimize students’ schemata. The teachers should considere the ability of the students in selecting the reading material.Moreover, it also dealt with the teachers’ ability to activate the students’ background knowledge through  classroom activities and teaching tecniques.