Monday, September 9, 2013

Agnes monica american music awards

 Watch videos & listen free to Agnes Monica: Rindu, Teruskanlah & more, plus 119 pictures. Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto; 1 July 1986)

Born July 1, 1986 in Indonesia, Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto) was a pop singer who was equally well known and popular as an actress.

Agnes Monica Muljoto not only most famous artist in indonesia but also in international. The women who was born on July, have some trouble in the airport. The Indonesia’s national artists, yesterday got a problem with luggage bags that she brought from Singapore. She wrote that news through social media twitter.

As The former little artist, wrote “In Indonesia airport, luggage locks opened by force. where is the accountability huh?”. This problem is likely due to airport officials, the unlocked suitcase that Agnes owned it, by destroying that case. Not only that, Agnes also upload photos when her suitcase, opened by force. Because the keys were in the bag suitcase was undermined not on lock TSA (Transportation Security Agency), women who received many awards, adding in his twitter status like this. ”There were three suitcases, with a broken key. Oh my gosh.
Nowadays, mentally if still like this, how can move forward? “And continued with agnes thinking about checking luggage at the airport by writing” If opened by official personnel, they will open the TSA, not tampered with by force, no matter the money or missing items but mental problems.

How Indonesia airport could be like this?” Agnes even mention the name of the airline is concerned with the problem that in her status, “Singapore Airlines, been for a long time this has happened. Where is your sense of responsibility?? How could the incident continues huh?” additional with “And it is not correctly if we allow this kind of behavior Indonesia’s State of the State of Law.

Certainly the status produces a wide range of responses from fans of Agnes there some people which gives support, some say ever experienced the same thing and some also hoping that the problem can be resolved immediately. The incident was apparently not the first, because Agnes also wrote “And sorry if this incident finally” forced “me to write in the public media, because it is often the scene and taken lightly. Maybe It’s time to make a change.

Agnes actually been told the reason his case should be opened by Angkasa Pura II corporate secretary, Trisno Heryadi. But the reason it only made Agnes angry. The reason for the opening of the case, is due to an intensive examination of the goods that carried by passengers, taken by the airline has become the general rule.

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