Monday, July 26, 2010

Gresik economy

Gresik is known as one of the main industrial area in East Java. Some in the industry, among others, Semen Gresik Gresik, PKG, Nippon Paint, BHS-Tex, the timber industry / Plywood and Maspion. Gresik also a significant producer of fisheries, both marine fisheries, ponds, and inland fisheries. Gresik also have a Gas Power Plant and Steam capacity of 2200 MW. Between Gresik and Surabaya are connected by a toll road-Manyar Surabaya, which is connected with the Surabaya-Gempol toll road. Besides the economic community supported from Gresik many self-employed sector. One such songkok Industry, Craftsmen Bags, Gold & Silver Jewelry Craftsmen, Garment Industry (convection). In the northern city also gresik sidayu precisely in the city is the largest producer of swiftlet nests in Indonesia

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