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The Use of Two Stay Two stray to Improve Reading Comprehension at the Second Year students of MTs Yaspuri Malang

Mahmia, Siti. 2010. The Use of Two Stay Two stray to Improve Reading Comprehension at the Second Year students of MTs Yaspuri Malang (Classroom Action Research) Skripsi, English Education Department Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Islamic University of Malang. Advisor I: Drs. Yahya Alaydrus, M.Pd, Advisor II: M. Yunus, S.Pd, M.Pd. 

Key words: Two Stay Two Stray Technique, Reading Comprehension, Classroom Action Research.

            One of the problems which is faced in teaching and learning are low of achievement and the learning process which are reached by the students. The low achievement does not fulfill the standard competency as demanded of the curriculum. In each lesson especially English major, the learning process which is done by the students is limited in mastering the major or adding the knowledge as the test material. Whereas based on the demand of the curriculum, the students are expected not only can accumulate the knowledge but also can reach the competency. Such as the combination of the knowledge, behavior, and skills that reflected in daily activities.
            The weakness of the learning process in English major can be identified that the students have low motivation. Based on the preliminary study almost the students think that English major is needed to memorize the vocabularies. They consider that English does not improve the ability to think, solve the problems with using brain potential. Finally, learning process is to listen, note, and memorize the materials. From this assumption teaching and learning English make the students bored, then the researcher want to improve the technique in teaching and learning.          
            Therefore, the researcher used Two Stay Two Stray Technique in teaching at the Second Year students of MTs Yaspuri Malang to improve their Reading Comprehension. The researcher collaborated with the English teacher. The researcher believed that by using this method, the students would be joyful, critical and attractive in their learning. The problem of this study is how the teaching of English by using Two Stay Two Stray technique can improve the reading comprehension at the Second Year students of MTs Yaspuri Malang.
Classroom action research is used to achieve the purpose. Improving reading comprehension by using two-stay two stray technique, the students can add and share the topic or the material. They explained to each other when their own members did not understand whether the instruction or the topic about, because they felt that they have responsible to the group’s members to reach the goals together. They can share to each member about new vocabularies, experience and prior knowledge, which related to the passage. New vocabularies from dictionary or asking their friend in-group, Experience from sharing to each other in group work, and prior knowledge from their daily activities, which they have experienced when teaching and learning process.
The research finding showed that teaching English by using Two Stay Two Stray technique was successful. It was proved by the result of the observation sheet and questionnaire; their responds are good and interested in this technique. In the first cycle, their average scores have increased from 63.5 up to  81.4. It meant that the research was successful because the score was above 70, which was used as the criteria of success. Therefore, the research stopped.  The second cycle was not necessary.
Based on the explanation above, the researcher suggested that the English teachers use Two Stay Two Stray as the alternative technique in teaching their students. This method can make the students more attractive, critical and joyful.

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