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Indonesian Girls and Celebrities

How Indonesian women view foreign men, are they low class trash, are the. A young, rich celebrity in Jakarta reveals her true at home self to the world in some Indonesian Girls and Celebrities.

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Ever do something you think as a mistake or something stupid?
Never, but Yahoo, he ... he ... he ... If other what? Oh yes, I've come to a party with the wrong makeup. I did not prepare earlier, as a result I do not dress in accordance with the concept. Finally I could feel the difference itself and not confident. Fortunately, good makeup and I stayed there until the event is finished.

Looking sexy is not something that is taboo for Febby Caroline. Claim to be lovers of female beauty, sexy show must adjust to the concept. She dared to believe all women actually want to look beautiful, sexy, and interesting. "If she has such a desire, what's wrong? Except when not in place, "she explained.

It may be because you have a beautiful body?
Yeah really. But, I or others do not force myself to dress sexy and good fall, ok. But if you push yourself so the results are not good, the fall of tacky.

Claimed to have been attracted to a man, Febby Caroline actually challenged to get it. Although the chances are fifty-fifty, even refusing Febby handsome guy who comes over.

When attracted to a man, how much you desire to get it?
If it's like the same guy, I prefer to pursue. Usually I chase him up to so that there is satisfaction in itself. If I can in other ways. If I can too, meaning she's not for me, he ... he ... he ... So the friend wrote.

You feel 'something is missing' when failed to get it?
Yes really. Introspection alone, there is something wrong with myself or because I was not her type. But if it's too hard or really cool, just backwards.

Ever feel like that?
Actually, now more like the same guy but hard to come by. What reason, do not get it too. Maybe the environment or the family. But we remain good.

Already there are signs of rejection?
Not really, fifty-fifty. Still keep trying. Pray yes, he ... he ... he ... Like playing kites, push-pull. But that's where his art, if not enjoy too easily obtained.

Ever feel inferior to boys?
Ever. In the eyes of me she's too perfect. Become self-conscious, less pe-de. But I'm trying to accept and adjust to him. Just listen more, to cover her minder.

Never ask what others think of a guy?
Often. I used to vent the same ex-boyfriend I used to.

With the former? How come?
Yes. Formerly even reached planning would married, but because there is a problem, do not mate, finally not so. But relations remain good, sometimes she also likes vent. So do I. In fact, for the guy she's the best person to confide. Eighty percent of my life, I tell him. She's mature, smart, and a lot of experience.

There is a possibility back again?
Flip did not, but if a close friend was okay.

Means that you follow the advice of former girlfriend?
So far it is good and acceptable reason I follow. If not I ignore. But 75 percent of which he omongin I follow.

Talk about sexy, do not dismiss Febby Caroline if in modern times people do this easily.

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