Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrity News of Indonesia

Pop music of pre-modern Korea first appeared in the 1930's due to the inclusion of Japanese pop music also affects the initial elements of pop music in Korea. Japanese colonial rule over Korea also made a music genre developed and Korea can not simply follow the development of Japanese pop culture at that time. In the 1950s and 1960s, the influence of western pop music began to go with the many musical performances organized by the United States military bases in South Korea. Korean Pop music was originally divided into different genres, the first is a genre of "oldies" who influenced western and popular music in the '60s era. In the 1970s, rock music was introduced to the pioneering Cho Yong-pil. Another quite popular genre is the music that influenced Trot enka music of Japan.

Debut appearance of the group Seo Taiji and Boys in the year 1992 marks the beginning of modern pop music in Korea who gave new colors to the flow of rap music, rock, techno America. Success of the group Seo Taiji and Boys followed by other bands such as Panic, and Deux. These trends helped give birth to a lot of music bands and other quality musicians today. Pop music of the 90s decade tend to wing dance and hip hop. Its main market is the youth of this decade appears that many groups "teen idol" very crazy like CLON, HOT, Sechs Kies, SES, and god Most of this music group is disbanded and its members solo-career.

In 2000-an talented newcomers started to appear. R & B genre and Hip-Hop are oriented to the American print artists such MC Mong, 1TYM, Rain, Big Bang is quite successful in Korea and abroad. Some underground artists such as Drunken Tiger, Tasha (Yoon Mi-rae) are also popularized the color of black music. Rock music is still popular in Korea Seo Taiji coupled with the return of the solo careers as well as a rock musician Yoon Do Hyun Band often sing songs about nationalism and love of country. Give the feel of modern techno music that is not only favored in Korea alone, singer Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Hyun-joong even gained recognition in China and Japan. Ballad music still has the most listeners in Korea. Korean ballad music is generally known by the sad lyrics about romance, as sung by Baek Ji Young, KCM, SG Wannabe, and so forth. Ballad music is particularly popular because it is often used as a soundtrack of hit television dramas like Winter Sonata, Sorry I Love You, Stairway to Heaven, and so on.

Various Korean artists reap success in the international community as a penetrating BoA Japan and popular in many countries. Then other artists like Rain, Se7en, Shinhwa, Ryu Shi-won, and so the race to conquer the music market in Japan. Rain was recorded as the first Asian artist to hold an international concert tour titled Rainy Day 2005, at Madison Square Garden.

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